The UK children’s ride market is one of the most developed and sophisticated in Europe and we, at SB Machines, in conjunction with our manufacturers, respond to the demand of providing the very best of Made in Italy.

Wave Patrol

1.5m x 1.1m x 1.95m

Weight 200kg

Since 2003, SB Machines has been supplying mini-wheel rides to the UK and Ireland.

The enduring appeal of Magic Castle, Miami and Hello Kitty Funhouse has resulted in a new addition the  range: Wave Patrol.


Manufactured by Cogan of Modena, this 2-seat, £2 per play ride sets new standards in build quality, technology and design.  The ride has been successfully trialled over 2021 and will define coin-operated rides development over the next few years.

Wave Patrol

Kiddy Block Funpark

1.3m x 1m x 1.1m

Weight 90kg

Manufactured by KR Service of Modena, this beautifully equipped ride is centred around a lego style Funpark. As the ride moves, children can immerse themselves in the interactive theatre.


By pressing various buttons, each of the Funpark rides will move in their own unique way.  This ride is a wonderful and elegant example of electromechanical movements at their very best.





Kiddy Block Funpark (interactive)


Diameter 1.65m x 2.3m High

Weight 250kg

The all new Kangaroo Up & Down carousel is the hottest ride around at the moment and there are very good reasons for this.  Operators are attracted by its fabulous design, compact size (only 1.6m in diameter), 3 seat capability, great movement and a guaranteed £2 per play. This compelling offering has already made it a top performer at amusement venues across the country. Italresina’s philosophy of producing beautiful rides at the very cutting edge of innovation continues with Kangaroo.



Hot Air Balloon and Funcopter

Fun Copter

1.5m diameter

Weight 140kg

Hot Air Balloon and Funcopter are the latest launches from Italresina of Modena. The company has established itself as a major innovator in the children’s rides market. Their rides are characterised by sophisticated, detailed  paintwork, video screens, strobing multicoloured lights and complex movements. Italresina’s philosophy is to miniaturize the experience of large fairground rides. Both these rides are  excellent examples of this developing trend.

Hot Air Balloon (V)

2.10m x 1m x 2.3m

Weight 220kg

Battery Operated Rides by Sela

We are pleased to announce our exclusive partnership with Sela Cars of Forli to supply their range of coin-operated battery rides to the UK and Irish market. Established for over 40 years, Sela Cars are leaders in the manufacture of battery operated rides. Their equipment  is easy to install and maintain and is suitable for all types of attractions: from large to small, indoors or outdoors.

Firetruck Roundabout

Firetruck Roundabout is the children’s ride with ‘everything on it’:

  • 2 seats
  • attractive paintwork
  • plenty of flashing lights
  • circular movement with variable speed
  • rocking movement
  • interactive video screen

Fire Truck Roundabout

1.9m diameter

Weight 160kg

New Tagada

New Tagada offers the thrill of its larger fairground counterpart in a compact format: sensational music, eye-catching design, 4 seats but most importantly an innovative 360 degrees anti-clockwise and clockwise circular rocking movement.


Rigorously site-tested, this is a stand out piece for any amusement location.


1.5m diameter

Weight 170kg

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